Meet the Team


Martin Harte


Martin has been CEO since 2003 and working

in and lobbying for the Temple Bar area since 1999, engaging with DCC, politicians and the media.

Q. Who makes the worst cup of coffee in the office? 

A.I would have to say Claudine as she has never drank coffee, and part of me thinks she does not know what it actually is.

Q. Do you have a favourite ‘Temple Bar Moment’?

A. When the doors close at the last concert of TradFest; seats full, audience happy, the lure of a cold glass of champagne, pure bliss, that is my favourite moment, every year.

Q. What’s the best time of year in Temple Bar and why?

A. Same as point 4, that and the last days before Christmas, the place is dead, and like a Dickens novel its literally full of people scurrying over the cobbles, 18th century streetscape, straight out of a Christmas Carol, or as Claudine might say …………‘muppets in space’.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up outside Trim County Meath in the shadow of castles, Templar hospitals, and large Meath full backs, where men were men and knees and joints were ruined playing Gaelic Football on football fields that would not look out of place as a lunar landing site, oh the days, oh the pain!

Q. What’s the first concert you went to?

A. Remember, I said rural Meath in the 1980’s- where men were men.. so my first concert was Status Quo…live and sweaty in Warrens Town College, paradise found, not a cow milked that night (possibly to do with the trauma of the music).

Claudine Murray

Marketing Manager

Claudine has been instrumental in developing, programming and running TradFest and Festival of Politics as well as overseeing other events in Temple Bar throughout the year.

Q. Who makes the worst cup of coffee in the office? 

A. I don’t drink coffee so chances are it could be me but I've managed to avoid making it so far.

Q. Tell us about a ‘hidden gem’ in Temple Bar.

A. Sunlight Chambers on the corner of Parliament Street. It was built by the soap company the Lever Brothers in 1901, it’s got this amazing colourful band of painted sculptures running across the building depicting the process of soap manufacture. It’s really usual and I'd say most people don’t even notice it. Next time you pass look up!

Q. Do you have a favourite ‘Temple Bar Moment’?

A. Early in the morning just as Temple Bar is starting to wake up, it's quite and the day’s about to begin and you just never know what it’s going to bring.

Q. Have you ever lived in another city?

A. Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney, (and some summer college fun in New Jersey and the Greek Islands).

Q: What’s the first concert you went to?

A. Bros…(in the good old days of pure pop and Smash Hits…and that’s the magazine not the band!).

Q. Black or Navy?  

A. In the words of Wednesday Adams….’I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour’.


Ania Schuler

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager and Content creator for TradFest, LoveTempleBar and Festival of Politics platforms, Logistics for Festival of Politics, General Tech and IT factotum

Q.  How long is your commute and how do you pass the time?

 A. I live in the city so I walk to work every morning for about 20 mins. I usually walk with a friend who works nearby but when I do the journey ‘solo’ I love to listen to some 80’s hits or TED Talks (specially Tech and innovation talks).


Q. Tell us about a ‘hidden gem’ in Temple Bar

A. I have to say Crampton Court and Love Lane are my favourite spots in Temple Bar. This beautiful square and colourful Lane hidden between Dame Street and Essex Street East have a special meaning for me as this was the first place I discovered when I moved to Dublin. I’ve been in love with it ever since – simply Love at first sight.

Q. Has Claudine ever addressed you by the wrong name?

A. No, never ever and I’m well aware I’m probably one of the only lucky people that can say that!

Q. What’s the best time of year in Temple Bar and why?

A. That’s easy, TradFest in January!! I love to see all our visitors mixed with the artists walking around the area enjoying the different events and everything Temple Bar has to offer.


Q. Where did you grow up?

 A. I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina – also known as the end of the world!

Inguna Website.jpg

Inguna Grietina-Darzina

Environment Manager 

Inguna is our new Environmental Manager.
She oversees the environmental
and cleaning of Temple Bar.

Q.  Who makes the worst cup of coffee in the office?

A. I know of someone who doesn't make it at all.


Q. Do you have a favourite ‘Temple Bar Moment’?

A. Back in 2013, the first ever Latvian Day held in Temple Bar was a personal favourite. It was an important, emotional moment and a milestone in my life and career. Ever since we're grateful of the support of Temple Bar Company to allow us to host the Latvia day festivities every year in the May Bank Holiday.

Q. Has Claudine ever addressed you by the wrong name?

A. As far as I remember, never.

Q. What’s the best time of year in Temple Bar and why?

A. A beautiful spring day, of a typical Irish sunny-rainy setting... seeing people enjoy the events and markets held in Temple Bar.


Q. Where did you grow up?

 A. I was born in a small town of about 10,000 in Latvia called Aizkraukle. I studied in Riga, the capital but moved back to my hometown for work thereafter. Then once again I moved back to Riga as my son grew up to School-Age before moving to Ireland in 2006.


Kieran Hanrahan is one of Ireland’s most respected tenor banjo players in Irish traditional music. Over the years Kieran has helped to found a number of bands: Inchiquin, Stockton’s Wing and The Templehouse Ceili Band.


Since 1991 Kieran is widely known as the traditional music broadcaster with RTE Radio, having presented such shows as The Fleadh Club, Both Sides Now and Ceili House, one of RTE Radio’s most popular programmes of traditional Irish music and song. 


Kieran also works as an advisor to Ceolthas and is Artistic Director of Scoil Egise (part of Fleadh Ceoil Na h ‘Eireann).

Kieran Hanrahan

Festival Music Programmer


Noel Dempsey is a former Irish Fianna Fáil politician. He was a TD for the Meath and Meath West constituencies from 1987 to 2011.


Noel also served as Minister for Environment and Local Government (1997–2002), Minister for Education and Science (2002–04), Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (2004–07) and Minister for Transport (2007–11).


Noel has served as Chairman of The Temple Bar Company since 2014.

Noel Dempsey

Company Chairman